Clean Air Day 2023

Air pollution is the biggest environmental threat to human health. As Hong Kong’s air quality fails to meet the World Health Organization standards, 3,500 lives were were lost prematurely each year. According to a United Nations resolution, every person has a right to a healthy environment, including clean air. The theme of Hong Kong’s first Clean Air Day, “Breathe Right”, precisely echoes such a conviction – clean air is a basic right to all.

Meanwhile, the catastrophical impact of climate change is more evident than ever. By tackling air pollution, which shares similar sources with climate change, it is possible to mitigate this existential crisis of mankind. To create an equal and just society, as well as to alleviate the climate crisis, we must commit to working together for a clean air future for Hong Kong.

A series of Road to Clean Air Day events, held in October, invited participants to explore ways to breathe right using their five senses.

On 4 November, over a hundred guests and participants attended Clean Air Day at Tuen Mun H.A.N.D.S. to celebrate the achievements of the past month, and learned about air pollution at exciting game booths, exhibitions, and sports competitions.



To learn more about the achievements of Clean Air Day 2023, check out the Impact Report:

Clean Air Day 2023 Impact Report


Clean Air Day website

Organiser: Clean Air Network

Co-organisers: Clean Air Schools for Hong Kong, Clean Air Neighborhood

Partners: Cheddar Media, onebite

Sponsors: CLP, Dyson, Parks & Trails, People’s Place, RS Group, Towngas, ZeShan Foundation