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We envision Hong Kong to become a world-leading clean air city meeting WHO air quality standards.

Clean Air Network

Vision &

CAN’s mission is to strive to improve Hong Kong’s air quality to benefit public health and mitigate climate change through our three key pillars of work, including advocacy, empowerment and knowledge. Without losing sight on air pollution from regional activities, marine vessels and power plants, our current primary focus is on roadside pollution and indoor air impact.

Uphold Our
Core Values

Clean Air Network’s (CAN) absolute priority is safeguarding children and vulnerable communities, as well as our staff, volunteers and stakeholders. This Code of Conduct contains essential principles and rules that reflect the behaviours and standards Clean Air Network (CAN) expects from its employees, volunteers, interns, trainees and other stakeholders working for or on behalf of the organisation in any capacity.

The Code of Conduct applies day to day. It sets out an ethical and behavioural framework which is relevant and applicable to our daily work. For this reason, all employees and other representatives working for or on behalf of the organisation in any capacity, are required to sign a declaration confirming that they have read and understood the Code of Conduct and agree to comply with it at all times.

CAN hopes that all our stakeholders comply with our core values and Code Conduct. Any breach of the Code of Conduct will be taken seriously. We encourage anyone who has concerns, either about the conduct of CAN or others affiliated with our work, or of any violence or abuse of children or other vulnerable groups in CAN’s operations, to report. In the email, please state your name and contact number, a brief description of issue / incident happened with date, time and location via email speak.up@hongkongcan.org. The email will be checked and followed up by an independent party.

Updated: October 2021