Local Studies

Taking an evidence-based approach, CAN regularly conducts primary studies concerning air pollution exposure and health in Hong Kong. The study results provide valuable data to identify the health risk on public health and raise concern on pollution problem. The data is also used under our advocacy and empowerment.

Latest Local Studies
Study Project Title

Air Measurment of NO2: Diffusion Tube Installation in Tuen Mun Result:

For full details: Air Monitoring Report of Tuen Mun (March 2021)

Project Period
January – March 2021

Brief Summary

  • 50 location spots covering school areas, bus stops, public transport interchanges, public parks and sport grounds are selected for air quality assessment by using diffusion tubes.
  • Identify top 10 air pollution hotspots in Tuen Mun


  • 10 air pollution hotspots with the highest NO2 in Tuen Mun
Study Project Title

School-based Air Monitoring and Student’s Health Analysis

Project Period
February – March 2021

Brief Summary

  • 4 school campuses are identified as monitoring zones
  • Professional air pollution monitors are deployed at multiple spots at each school
  • Collect 164 students feedback in health health-related survey
  • Provide insights on the baseline risk level faced by school children due to air pollution