Amber - Young Advocate summer 2020

“In late May, I joined Clean Air Network, as a young advocate. My major job duty was to compile a study brief for update of Multi-jurisdictional comparative research on air pollution control regulation. The last study ‘Multi-jurisdictional Comparative Study on Air Pollution Control Regulation’, made by Clean Air Network and Linklaters in June 2018 does not take into account of the legal system in China. So my job was to find out the possibility of including China in the comparative review. It can be said that it is research-based, I have to digest a huge number of documents and to identify whether they are useful to the research or not.

Throughout my internship, I have a concrete understanding on the air quality in Hong Kong and the problems of the current policy. At the same time I am aware that the government is actually doing something, even though it might not be enough, in order to improve the air quality in Hong Kong. After this internship experience, I am more motivated to be involved in campaigns that safeguards the air quality in Hong Kong and at least get to know what is happening around us. This is a precious experience to allow me to complete my tasks independently and make some contributions to CAN. This Internship has been such a growing experience for me.”

—— Intern (2020)

Story posted on
22nd Oct, 2020


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