A 9-year-old girl living in Britain died from a fatal asthma attack few years ago. Her death has been linked to illegally high levels of air pollution. Air experts found that the air pollution levels near her home exceeded EU limits most of the time, causing her to endure chest infection and other respiratory issues. Her death has raised concerns about the health impact of air pollution, especially children’s health. (Related News: https://bit.ly/2wuwRnP)

Students maybe expose to high air pollution when they are back to school and home, as it is also the time for peak time traffic. Instead of making appeal to advice students to avoid outdoor activities in high air pollution days, the HKSAR government should take the initiative to safeguard children’s health.For example, implementing school pedestrian area for the start and end of the school days, also prohibit none eco-friendly friendly vehicles to enter the area to protect student’s health from traffic emissions. Moreover, the government should educate and advise parents not to drive to pick up their children, but switch to public transport or other green transport such as walking or cycling.

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Story posted on
12th Sep, 2018


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