Air Pollution can directly harm our health, it’s time to make a change to improve the air quality. Help us find out the black spots in your community and share with your friends!

When you discover the black spots…

1) Take a photo of it and upload it to Facebook.

2) You also need to mention why the place is a black spot in the post. (e.g. Are there too many cars nearby? How many cars passed by in few mins?)

Remember to add hashtag in the post!

#CleanAirDay #CleanAirNetwork

Definition of Black Spots:

  1. When you are standing there, you can’t breathe comfortably.
  2. The traffic volume is high, at least 10 vehicles pass by in a few minutes.
  3. The area is surrounded by roads and buildings on both sides, creating a canyon-like environment.

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Story posted on
20th Jun, 2018


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