Clean Air Network announces the Appointment of Wendy Yung to its Board of Advisors

The Board of Clean Air Network (“CAN”) announced the appointment of Ms. Wendy Yung to its Board of Advisors, effective 26 March 2022. Ms. Yung is a corporate governance advocate and an experienced governance practitioner in Hong Kong, having served as an executive director and company secretary on the Board of Hysan Development Company Ltd. and a member of the Listing Committee of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd., as well as various professional and government organisations in Hong Kong. 

“We are thrilled to have Ms. Yung joining CAN and most impressed with her passion to participate in advancing the cause of improving Hong Kong’s air quality”, said Ms. Tong Zhao, the  Chair of the Board. “Ms. Yung’s extensive experience from the commercial field, particularly her expertise on governance, will help build resilience in the organisation to prepare for our growth to the next stage.” 

“I am very excited to be part of CAN, the only NGO dedicated to tackling Hong Kong air issues. I look forward to supporting the Board and the team in their various education and advocacy initiatives of improving the air quality of Hong Kong”, said Ms. Yung. 

Since our inception in 2009, CAN has become a principal advocate for clean air and the only dedicated air issue focused non-profit organization in Hong Kong. Over a decade or so, we have been a strong force from civil society in the shaping of HK government’s long-term emission control strategy through constructive dialogue and with scientifically-sound approaches. 

Currently, CAN is collaborating with the Institute for the Environment of HKUST to enhance community knowledge on air pollution matters, and the Civic Exchange and World Resources Institute to formulate policy advice to accelerate transition to zero emissions vehicles on the road.

In order to make clean air a sustainable reality in Hong Kong, we have maintained consistent media presence and via own platforms to raise public awareness on air pollution related issues and the impact of them to their health.

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