Clean Air Neighborhood: Making online learning more interactive

Students and teachers from 3 schools along with the CAN team participated in street level air monitoring in Tuen Mun District in Nov 2021. We monitored the air quality at 30 spots which included bus stops, school zones, playgrounds and major roads. We used the device diffusion tubes to monitor the air. These tubes are widely used to measure levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in air quality studies. 

In Jan 2022, through workshops about data analysis, students were able to predict, identify and explain the causes of air pollution at different monitored spots.

According to the data collected, bus stops and major roads had the most serious air pollution. Among the 30 spots, San Hui Market bus stop was the most polluted, with a NO2 concentration higher than 160 μg/m³, 15 times higher than the WHO standard. The bus stop is located at Tuen Mun Road, with an average daily traffic of 125,000 and is fully enclosed by a noise barrier. Air pollutants which are trapped inside cannot be dispersed, increasing the health risk of passengers and commuters.

The online workshops had interactive games and group discussions to arouse students’ interest in learning. Students were more willing to express their opinions as we guided them in discussions and they have expressed a lot of innovative ideas.