13 Nov – 11 Dec 2022

Moving freely across borders and through bodies, air is vital to our existence but can also be a threat to our health. In fact, we breathe in and out for over 20,000 times a day. Do we know what we are breathing?


Air pollution is one of the top environmental risks in urban areas: brings damages individual health, causes additional burden to public healthcare systems, and deepens health gaps between demographic sectors. Global cities are strengthening their resilience to future environmental and public health crises as the world is slowly recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

ON AIR is a public project to re-orient public consciousness to the air we breathe, and also a part of an ongoing journey to explore how creativity and collaboration can bring new perspectives to environmental, urban and well-being issues.

Our Solution

Co-organised with Oi!, the ON AIR project focusing on sensory experiences, comprises participatory exhibitions and a series of educational activities that arouse public consciousness about how better air quality is closely related to the well-being of populations living in the highly urbanized environments in Hong Kong.

Highlight of the ON AIR series is the installation artwork Dusts-free-Chambers presented by Austria-based artist and architect Adam Hudec, who has part of his roots in Hong Kong. Dusts-free-Chambers enables visitors to engage with an unusual sensual experience in a pollution-free environment. The artwork is also meant to arouse curiosity of visitors to learn more about the causes of air pollution and consequences of inaction, which are explored in the ON AIR exhibition.


CAN co-curated the ON AIR series with local artist Yip Kai Chun, and invited the Austria-based artist and architect Adam Hudec bringing his “Dusts -free- Chambers” to let visitors to engage with an unusual sensual experience in a pollution-free environment.

Adam Hudec is a researcher, architect and activist, currently a PhD student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. His practice is based on the intersection of science, art and architecture, where interdisciplinarity has become a tool to explore hidden or ignored anomalies of the environment. On the Opening Day, Adam shares his journey as an artist with a multidisciplinary background in exploring the senses and fostering awareness about air and the way we breathe.

A series of workshops, panel discussions, and screening will also be organised with the aims to spark further conversations and inspire actions.

ON AIR Programme Schedule

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Details and registration at www.popticket.hk/en/on-air

Event Date
Dusts-free-Chambers 13 Nov – 11 Dec 2022 Learn more
On Air Exhibition 13 Nov – 11 Dec 2022
(20 Nov Temporarily closed)
Learn more
Breathing, lost practice of being in the world: Sharing by Adam Hudec, creator of Dusts -free- Chambers * 13 Nov 2022 (Sun) 1500 – 1600 Learn more
AIRdventure@North Point * 19 Nov 2022 (Sat) 1000 – 1200
3 Dec 2022 (Sat) 1400 – 1600
Learn more
Symposium: Breathing the Future – How to enhance local environmental education? * 19 Nov 2022 (Sat) 1400 – 1600 Learn more
Bring Clean Air Home! Terrarium Workshop * 26 Nov 2022 (Sat) 1500 – 1700
4 Dec 2022 (Sun) 1500 – 1700
Learn more
Air Quality Glowing Ball: DIY Air Sensor Workshop * 27 Nov 2022 (Sun) 1500 – 1700 Learn more
“Fighting for Air” documentary screening & sharing * 10 Dec 2022 (Sat) 1500 – 1700 Learn more
Symposium: Redesigning Clean Air – How does urban design affect air quality? * 11 Dec 2022 (Sat) 1400 – 1600 Learn more

Learn more


ON AIR project is co-organized with
Oil Street Art Space,

Presented by
Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

Curatorial Collaborator:
Yip Ka Chun


Street Reset
Dusts Institute

European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Teachers’ Association Lee Heng Kwei Secondary School