Vision & Mission

Our vision is to clean up Hong Kong’s air.

To achieve this vision, CAN is dedicated to driving policy and behavioural change to improve Hong Kong’s air quality. Without losing sight on air pollution from regional activities, marine vessels and power plants, our current primary focus is on roadside pollution and indoor air impact.


Our Story

In 2009, we pioneered the air quality movement in Hong Kong.

Air pollution in our city is damaging our health as individuals, the profitability of our companies and our economy as a whole. Primarily caused by roadside and marine emissions and the “street canyons” trapping them around us, it affects us all. And the effects are becoming increasingly acute. But at Clean Air Network, we believe that together, this is a problem we can solve.

We see three ways to do this: build knowledge and understanding among experts and the public; identify, connect and amplify the resources of stakeholders both in Hong Kong and worldwide; and work constantly to find and advocate the sustainable solutions for the future that our government can put into action today.

We have a unique and independent perspective on the dynamics affecting air quality in our city and we work side by side with the general public and each of the key players influencing this issue. We aim always to grow this network, so we actively partner on all our initiatives with academics, government officials, corporations and local communities. Our unified approach has enabled us to achieve systematic change in the way Hong Kong monitors and reports its air quality and also pass landmark legislation improving the way our public transportation is managed and marine vessels regulated.

Nevertheless, because we are driven by a fundamental commitment to using civic exchange to achieve lasting impact in the real world, we also build flexibility into our approach. Policy dialogue constantly evolves, and to remain effective, we too must stay nimble enough to adapt alongside it. Our strength is our strategic approach, proven commitment and established network.

We work to clean Hong Kong’s air. Because this is our city and a future we all share.