Last week, the Transport Department announced to allow 7,000 extra cars to cross the Hong Kong Zuhai Macau Bridge, due to demand.
What demand is it? This is an infrastructure-induced demand. HK is fully filled with private cars already and no stomach for more. More motorized vehicles in Hong Kong territories will definitely worsen traffic congestion in busy areas, thus increase roadside air pollution and hence health impact on general public.
The next question is, who should pay for the additional transport externalities? While it is still uncertain whether the project cost of Hong Kong Zuhai Macau Bridge will exceed HK$120 billion, Hong Kong will suffer additional health and economic cost due to additional traffic. According to Hedley Environmental Index, developed by HKU School of Public Health, in 2016 the economic loss due to air pollution is HK$30 billion, plus over 1,500 premature deaths.
If the total 10,000 permits are all used, air pollution and health impairments at western part of HK is expected to be worsened. CAN asks for government’s better management of transport demand. Our citizens are NOT willing to sacrifice everyone’s air and health just for the sake of building even more vehicular roads and bridges.
Please share this news to support CAN’s campaign to make a change on the sickening transport system. 
Story posted on
13th Feb, 2018


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