We would like to invite you to join our annual Hong Kong Environmental Writers’ Competition. This event has been organized by the Clean Air Student Council in collaboration with Clean Air Network, Hong Kong.
The annual Hong Kong Environmental Writers’ Competition 2020 is designed for students to become more aware of the environment around them and have them research in-depth about matters relating to the environment that they find important. This also allows students to express their thoughts through writing and develop their skills in research.
The winners of the Hong Kong Environmental Writers’ Competition will be announced during the Hong Kong Air Pollution Conference scheduled for December 2020. It is advised to attend the Hong Kong Air Pollution Conference in order to redeem prizes.
Prizes are as follows:
Senior (ages 14+): 3,000 HKD
Junior (ages 12+): 2,000 HKD
All participants will receive certificates as well


The theme for this year will be Air Pollution: Policies and Progress. To participate in the competition, students must enter an original text-based work with a word limit of 1000, excluding the bibliography. The essays will be judged on the following criteria: research, creativity and communication. We suggest essays that are mainly research-based, and if possible, you could also consider collecting primary research.
Submissions can be in both English or Chinese.
The judging criteria is as follows.
  • Research (40%)
    • How in-depth is your understanding of the topic of your work?
    • How insightful is your research?
    • You will receive extra credit if you use primary research.
  • Creativity (40%)
    • How original is your topic?
    • How have you looked at air pollution and its policies in a different way?
    • If you took one of our suggested essay topics, how have you made your work original?
  • Communication (20%)
    • How well are your ideas articulated?
    • Are your sources cited properly?
    • Is your work organized in a coherent and easy-to-read manner?
Deadline for Signups: 26th October
Deadline for Essay Submission: 22nd November
If you are struggling to find an essay topic, please refer to this spreadsheet for ideas:
Please submit the form below to sign up and confirm your participation in the competition:
Once you have completed your piece of writing, kindly email your work in PDF form to hkewc2019@hongkongcan.org
Thank you so much for your interest and we hope to see your essay very soon!
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13th Oct, 2020


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