Mr. Paul Chan Mo-po, GBM, GBS, MH, JP
Financial Secretary
25/F, Central Government Offices
2 Tim Mei Avenue, Tamar
Hong Kong

2nd April 2020

Dear Mr. Chan,


Recommendation on Hong Kong’s First Electric Vehicle Roadmap

Over the past few years, Clean Air Network has among the others voiced out through various submissions to the Government, that Hong Kong needs to act to respond to the global trend of transformation to Zero Emission Vehicles as a means to reduce air pollution and carbon emission from road transport sector.

At Budget 2020/21, the Financial Secretary announced to formulate Hong Kong’s first Electric Vehicle Roadmap (EV Roadmap). Clean Air Network therefore welcomes the announcement and urges the Government to continue to shoulder the responsibility to steer the development and implementation of the EV Roadmap.

We put forward the below recommendations for your consideration:

1. The Steering Committee on the Promotion of Electric Vehicles under the leadership of Financial Secretary should take full responsibility to formulate this EV Roadmap, as the very first Terms of Reference of this Steering Committee is “to recommend a strategy complementary with specific measures to promote the use of electric vehicles in Hong Kong…” [1]

2. Environment Bureau should continue to be the supporting arm of your Steering Committee to take the initiative of setting out the vision and timeline of the EV Roadmap, with the primary objectives to speed up the process for Hong Kong to achieve clean air (meeting World Health Organization’s recommended safe level) and decarbonization (meeting net zero carbon emission).

3. The EV Roadmap should put special emphasis on electrifying all commercial vehicles, including buses, freight vehicles, minibuses, taxis, in additional to private cars. In Hong Kong, commercial vehicles account for over 90% of roadside air pollution. Regional study [2] showed that Heavy Duty Diesel Vehicles (HDDV) and Light Duty Gasoline Vehicles (LDGV) account for over 40% of respiratory mortality and lung cancer among population in Hong Kong due to nitrogen oxides (NOx) emission. From the perspective of maximizing public health gain, it is necessary to put more effort and resources on all commercial vehicles in the EV Roadmap.

As part of the EV Roadmap, there should be an EV Action Plan. In additional, in parallel to formulating the EV Roadmap, there should be an implementation arm set up within the administration. The Government should set up an EV Office to implement the EV Action Plan with engagement of the stakeholders from public and private sectors to address the anticipated issues, including technology and operational compatibility of EVs and charging infrastructure, as well as development of the charging infrastructure.

4. The EV Action Plan should include:

(i) Develop and construct the charging infrastructure in stages to meet the growing needs especially for the public transport and commercial vehicles;

(ii) Engage stakeholders from the public and private sectors in developing different charging options to ensure the practicability and sustainability of these options;

(iii) Provide adequate incentives for public transport and commercial vehicle operators to switch to EVs.

5. The Steering Committee on the Promotion of Electric Vehicles under the leadership of the Financial Secretary should be strengthened to include members of experts from various sectors such as power transmission, EV charging technology, EV charging facilities, EV manufacturer and dealer, EV maintenance workshop, battery management system as well as public transport operators.

We look forward to your reply and would be pleased to discuss these matters with appropriate officials at your convenience. I can be reached by phone 3971-0106 or email


Patrick FUNG
Chief Executive Officer, Clean Air Network

[1] Steering Committee on the Promotion of Electric Vehicles, Website of EPD, HKSAR Government (Last Revision Date: 11 October 2019)

[2] Xingcheng Lu, Teng Yao, Ying Li, Jimmy C.H. Fung, Alexis K.H. Lau, Source apportionment and health effect of NOx over the Pearl River Delta region in southern China, Environmental Pollution, Volume 212, 2016, Pages 135-146, ISSN 0269-7491, (2016)

Story posted on
2nd Apr, 2020


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