For the last 10 years, Clean Air Network (CAN) has been one of the most visionary and active NGOs in advocating for policies to clean up the air in Hong Kong.

In CAN’s submission on the 2019 Policy Address, we have identified seven key themes, including the need for a new Clean Air Plan beyond 2020, transformation of franchised bus fleet to electric, extension of low emission zones, strengthening control over ship emission, ozone and non-road emission source, and upgrade of our air pollution monitoring and reporting system.

In the following paragraph, we highlight the below policy areas which need budgetary support as a recommendation for Financial Secretary.

Summary of key recommendations

1) Accelerate transformation to zero (exhaust) emission mobility –

a/ Revitalize the role of the Steering Committee on the Promotion of Electric Vehicle;
b/ Provide subsidy to expand the electric bus fleet to a minimum of 400 e-buses;
c/ Explore the feasibility of technology other than electric buses, such as hydrogen vehicles, under the Green Tech Fund.

2) Enhance efficiency of road space

a/ Implement the electronic road pricing pilot scheme;
b/ Take strong measures to restrain vehicle ownership and usage.

3) Enhancing infrastructure and communications for Smart Environment –

a/ Build at least one roadside air pollution monitoring station at each district;
b/ Install air pollution monitoring and displaying devices at public transport interchanges;
c/ Conduct review on the effectiveness of the Air Quality Health Index at influencing individual behaviour;

4) Strengthen regional efforts to minimize Ozone –

a/ Monitor VOCs level and prepare emission inventory to understand its roles in ozone formation in the region.

5) Enhance preventive measures to improve public health –

a/ Extend the scope of the NCD Strategy to cover environment risk factors;
b/ Conduct assessment of community health status in each district, including the number of cardiovascular emergency admission among high risk populations.

6) Extending Low Emission Zones to enhance Walkability –

a/ Expand Walkability Unit Task Force into a regular division under Transportation Department;
b/ Conduct research to identify sites of Low Emission Zones in 18 Districts.


Please read our full recommendations to the Budget 2020-2021 by downloading the link below.

Story posted on
18th Feb, 2020


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