Internship at CAN

It has been a whole new experience for me to work as an intern for CAN for a short period of one-month. The internship is certainly unforgettable, meaningful, and beneficial. Through assisting with a series of CAN’s work on public education and policy advocacy, such as social media promotion, annual air quality review, walk tour designing, etc., I became more familiar with the strategies and operation of NGO, as well as gaining a much deeper understanding in air related issues. For example, after doing the Sham Shui Po walk tour, I get to learn that air is not a mere environmental problem or public health problem; it has everything to do with such affairs as transportation management, community building, urban planning, and even poverty and social inequality. Now for me caring about the air is not only to be concerned about my health as an ordinary individual, but it also means to engage in public welfare and urban development issues as a mindful citizen.

More importantly, as a student coming from Shenzhen, my experience at CAN is to a large extent intercultural. Besides exposure to the local workplace culture of Hong Kong, I particularly feel at CAN a sense of value that advocates freedom of speech and citizen supervision, as well as an emphasis on world vision and self-reflection in terms of public affairs. What impresses me most is its open and friendly atmosphere that embraces diversity and fresh perspectives.  At CAN you feel free to bring up meaningful and constructive ideas and then get to work on them with the whole team.

My colleagues of CAN are all energetic and committed to the cause of policy intervention for better air in Hong Kong. Despite challenges and holdbacks from different interest groups, they made great efforts and real differences step by step. I feel lucky and happy to once be part of this team, making my contribution to the improvement of air quality, and will continue to follow CAN’s new actions and air issues in general in the future.

Elaine Yip

Story posted on
18th Jan, 2017


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