Letter to SCMP (Jan 2021) Update air quality standard now

Hong Kong still has much work to do to ensure air quality. Despite a review of air quality objectives ending in 2018, the city is still operating under 2014 standards. These must be updated


Hong Kong experienced cleaner air in 2020. However, air pollution remains a strong threat to our public health. Analysis conducted by Clean Air Network shows that main pollutants were down last year compared to 2019 but remained at a significantly higher level compared to World Health Organization standards.

Whether or not Covid-19 had a role to play in the cleaner air, Hong Kong still requires much effort before our air is safe to breathe, especially at the roadside. And in ensuring this, the government definitely has a key role to play.

Even during the pandemic, roadside air pollution remains a grave concern. While office workers might be working remotely, many urban areas in Hong Kong are still packed with vehicles, as many still need to regularly commute, and may work or even live by the roadside……


Full letter was published on SCMP on 29 January 2021. Click here to read the article on  South China Morning Post website.

Story posted on
29th Jan, 2021


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