Credit Suisse joined CAN to help monitor air quality in sub-divided units in Shum Shui Po. Through mobilizing volunteers, the project aims to raise concern on poor air quality and living conditions in sub-divided units. Also study how roadside pollution affects the underprivileged. Volunteers also reflected on the broader issue, taking a further step to combating air pollution and the concerns of low-income groups in Hong Kong.


“I was shocked that the living conditions were so bad and I felt dizzy towards the end of the visit,” 

Said Abigail, from the Legal Department, who visited a 60 sq. foot unit without a proper window and extremely poor air quality.

Volunteers found the visit reflective and informative since most of them had never been to sub-divided units before. They also understood the vicious relationship comes out among undesirable air quality, living condition and poor health.

During the visit, volunteers used a PM 2.5 Monitor to measure the air quality along the way and inside the household. They observed the living conditions inside the units and actively chatted with the families to better understand their difficulties.

“They pay relatively high rent for such a very small space, and the landlords even charge them more for water and electricity,” said Annisa from the Compliance Department, pointing out the common but serious problem of overcharging for utilities among sub-divided units.The situation perpetuates a vicious cycle; expensive electricity, extremely poor air quality, undesirable living conditions and poor health.

During the visit, volunteers give out tips to residents on how to improve air quality at home. In the hope of taking better care of their health and increase awareness on air pollution.

Household visit will be conduced to identify the existing issue, enhance skill and knowledge to participants, and to deliver our caring to tackle the correlation of health and living environment.

Story posted on
14th Jul, 2016


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