The Airmazing Race is intended to provide participants a chance to explore about air quality problems in Hong Kong. We would like to change peoples’ mind from focusing on the problem itself to a better understanding of the city’s design- for cars but not for us.


Brief Introduction
The Airmazing Race is the first and only air pollution-oriented city hunt. In the past 20 years, Hong Kong air quality have never been up to the WHO’s standard, leaving lots of victims like roadside workers, children, elderly and chronic patients.

We will lead participants to the heart of our city, backstreets and public space. They will then have a chance to take part in fun and meaningful challenges as the perspective of a town planner. These challenges will be about air pollution, pedestrian rights and public spaces.

According to Hedley Environment Index conducted by HKU, more than 2000 death due to air pollution was recorded last year, coupled with an economic loss of more than HKD 27 Billion. Sadly, air pollution was not a great concern among citizens’ minds due to different obstacles like lack of public education. Citizens’ knowledge towards air pollution was framed to the understanding of direct sources, neglecting the more fundamental source of the problem- Transport planning and pedestrian rights.

Therefore, Clean Air Network attempt to utilize a relaxing event- The Airmazing Race to encourage participants as pioneer investigating the problems above. We believe that pioneers can create a new mind-set of thinking towards the air pollution problem and hence, taking another step to behavioural and cultural change.

Clean Air network understands that changing peoples’ mind, behaviours and even culture are tasks that require tremendous long-term efforts. As an environment activist group, we value the idea of ‘creativity initiates thinking’. The Airmazing Race is therefore, considered to be a creativity platform that incorporates pioneers.

The success of the event is based on its creativity and active involvement. Creativity is paramount since participants love the idea of transforming part of Hong Kong into a gaming zone, which is different from the dull and dirty outlook as usual. Active involvement of students provides “training for trainer”. We believe students are always the future trainer and one of the important ways to promote the idea of sustainability.


Cumulative Participation Rates:

2500 students

500 volunteers

300 schools

80 Corporate


Story posted on
9th Jan, 2017


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