The global market forecasts a strong growth of EV adoption in the next decade. More than 13 countries and over 30 cities or region have proposed phasing out the sale of traditional internal combustion vehicles powered by fossil fuels such as petrol and diesel.


Here are some of the benefits of using EVs:

For Drivers

  • Save some money as fewer fuels are used and less maintenance on traditional internal combustion engines and counterparts
  • Gasoline-powered cars are going to get more expensive to meet environmental regulations
  • The price of electric vehicles keeps falling because battery technology is getting much more cost-effective and automakers are accelerating their EV launch plans
  • Tax incentives and special government grants boost up the market demand for EVs
  • More comfortable driving experience as EVs do not emit the sound of a combustion engine


For Environment

  • EVs have zero tailpipe emission making them greener and cleaner for the roadside
  • Less emission means reducing air pollution that benefits public health and drivers on the roads
  • Adoption of EVs can contribute to greenhouse gas emission reduction and help to tackle climate change


Potential Setback

Suppress the growth of plug-in vehicles

  • Most people have worries about the driving ranges that can take hours to charge
  • Lack of charging facilities on parking lots in the urban area



  • No greenhouse gases are directly emitted from vehicles running on electricity, but substantial emission can be produced “upstream” at the electric power plant. Getting electricity from clean energy sources is crucial for city sustainable development
  • The rapid rise of EVs could lead to horrible battery waste and disposal problem. Battery recycling is critical to reducing the amount of mining


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Electric Vehicle Outlook 2020 by Bloomberg NEF:



Story posted on
23rd Mar, 2021


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