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Air that’s just something that came with the package isn’t it ? We take it for granted at least I did, we hear about some people actually taking action to make air quality better, why they want to do that ?

I was one of those people that thought it couldn’t be that bad the air I mean, we are still breathing it right and even if it is what can I do about this.

The first time I got to know CAN was that through Vicky and got invited to conduct a morning exercise group in central, I am a Tai Chi freak and I would not let a chance like this slip by. This turned out to one of the great moments in my life, there are people out there folks that really care about the Air we breath and they are doing things that you and I thought would be impossible.

This simple morning initiative by CAN brought together people from all walks of life right here in the heart of the city concrete jungle of Hong Kong, we did simple breathing exercise and we shared mindful moments as a group of the air that we are breathing, Simple and effective, CAN brought awareness to the group with a informal discussion after on the implications of just being more aware of the Air, it’s a good start.

Since then I have become a CAN fan, I got to known the folks there working at CAN and each and everyone there I sense they have mission to make AIR better. Now that’s good to know but that now I know is not enough, We or I need to participate and do something about the air.

I know I will, will you ?


Bill Loh
Executive Coach

Story posted on
18th Jan, 2017


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