Global Celebrations for World Environment Day 2019 in Hangzhou

Global Celebrations for World Environment Day 2019 in Hangzhou (Source: UN Environment)


The theme of this year’s United Nations World Environment Day on 5 June was “Beat Air Pollution”. Hundreds and thousands of people all over the world joined various campaigns to fight air pollution. More and more people have realized that no one is safe from this crisis called air pollution.

The team of Clean Air Network also share their thoughts about air pollution on social media with hashtag to #BeatAirPollution. We would urge the general pubic in Hong Kong to address the problem of air pollution threatening human health and environment.


2019世界環境日:立刻行動 對抗空污 Cover Patrick

Patrick Fung????
Chief Executive Officer, CAN
Air pollution remains a major challenge in Hong Kong but the majority public still neglect its threats to health and well-being. Raising awareness is essential to make this ‘invisible killer’ becoming ‘visible’ and a talking point among the communities. I would put forth my best effort to let everyone know it is possible to tackle air pollution with the support from individuals and authorities.


Community Development Officer

Melville Peter Pradhan????
Community Development Officer, CAN
Cars, ships, busy construction sites emitting pollutants, are a common sight in Hong Kong but on the other hand there is this fragile lung of a child, which is developing, but has to pass through this human defined container of pollutants everyday. Is this what we are passing on to the next generation? 


Winnie, Young Advocate

Winnie Lo????
Young Advocate, CAN
People sacrifice the environment for economic development and it has led to the problem of air pollution. It has become a serious problem in the world which not only affects the wildlife but also human beings. It is believed that we have to bear the responsibility of taking care of our environment from now on. We should use our existing knowledge and technology to alleviate the problem.


Young Advocate, Vincent

Vincent Yan????
Young Advocate, CAN
The topic for the UN Environment Day this year is about air pollution. In Hong Kong, the air quality is becoming worse because there are more motor vehicles, in which most of them are diesel vehicles. This increases the risk of having respiratory diseases and worsens the health of people. The government should tighten the AQO standard to improve the air quality of Hong Kong.


Young Advocate, Jason

Jason Ngan????
Young Advocate, CAN
Air pollution has become a silent killer to put our health on risk, yet Hong Kong’s air quality objectives, especially for PM2.5 and PM10, have not yet caught up with WHO standards. More have to be done to protect public health, but not simply allowing more exceptions for exceeding the limits! The very first step to solve any problem is to realize that there is a problem.


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7th Jun, 2019


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