Install AQHI displays in public sports grounds

Calling for the installation of AQHI displays in public sports grounds

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Secretary for Home Affairs, Director of Environmental Protection,


Hong Kong government to install accurate and easy to understand digital displays of AQHI levels in public spaces used for sports and exercise such as sports grounds, free outdoor pitches, courts, jogging tracks, fitness trails and cycling tracks.

Currently, there is an inadequacy of the display of information regarding air pollution level. Installing digital displays would allow individuals to keep track of the status of air quality and avoid potential adverse side effects.



Public displays of AQHI would allow individuals to monitor the level of air pollution in their immediate area.

Whilst the public displays can’t clean up the air in Hong Kong, they could help individuals better prepare for deteriorating air quality for example carrying a face mask or avoiding the area all together.

In our modern society, many individuals track AQHI through apps, smart watches and the internet but for a large percentage of the population this isn’t possible and applications are also not specific to an area – just the district. Raising awareness of the deteriorating air quality in Hong Kong is also likely to encourage citizens to lessen their individual impact and make switches to their everyday life.


Public displays would:

  • Educate the public about air pollution and make AQHI become a household term – its categories would become widely recognised.
  • To bring awareness to Hong Kong’s pollution emergency and reduce potential short term/long term health effects.


Add ons

  • QR code that leads scanners to AQHI monitoring app which provides more detailed information about current readings as well as comparing local reading to other areas.
  • Opportunities for more clean air app developers
  • Offers advice on how to manage exposure to allergens and poor air quality
  • Advice on how to reduce individual contribution to diminishing air quality – avoiding private transport, taking trams rather than busses etc.


Full details about AQHI on the website of Environmental Protection Department:


Install AQHI displays in public sports grounds

Public displays of AQHI would allow individuals to monitor the level of air pollution in their immediate area.
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